Make Sure Your Lawn Mower is Firing on All Cylinders

Bring it to our lawn equipment repair experts in Cheyenne, WY

Don't let your broken-down lawn mower or pressure washer gather dust any longer. Great Plains Equipment LLC tackles lawn equipment repairs in the Cheyenne, WY area.

Drop off your broken lawn mower, chainsaw and other handheld power equipment at our shop and we'll repair it within a week. You'll be riding around on a fully functional lawn mower again in no time.

Whether your power equipment is old or brand new, we can repair it. We repair all brands and types of lawn equipment, as well.

Our repair services range from fixing generators to repairing riding lawn mowers.

Visit our shop for speedy and reliable mower repairs.

When is it time to repair your lawn mower?

When is it time to repair your lawn mower?

Great Plains Equipment handles mower repairs in Cheyenne, WY and surrounding areas.

You should repair your mower instead of replacing it if:

  • It's less than three years old.
  • The damage is minor, like a broken wheel or handlebar.
  • You've kept it well maintained and it has years of service remaining.
  • It won't start or has a faulty carburetor.
  • The cost of the repair is far less than the cost of a new mower.
Come by our shop to find out what's wrong with your power equipment.